To help South Coast Montessori families to provide a 'Montessori in the home' environment we have shared a number of links below to great materials that allow your child to work independently at home.
'The knife that will change your life'
Trust us, children don't view them as chores...
Our favorite, easy to maneuver, stool
Perfect for preschool sized hands for cleaning around the house
For those who need that second step
For indoor and outdoor plant watering
Other colors available, search SCM Merch to see them all
For the independent infant/toddler
Right sized for toddler hands
For the independent infant/toddler
Montessori at Home-Apron
A child friendly lunchbox option
Perfect for your Montessori at Home play shelf
Montessori at Home-Chef Set
Great quality table & charis
Montessori at Home-Cookbook
Montessori at Home- Large Chef Set
Our preferred training potty.
Montessori at Home-Scissors
Montessori at Home-Nylon Knives
"At this stage the child is partly at home, partly in school. The plane of education should take both the situations into consideration" - Maria Montessori