3 months - Early Walkers
Our "nido" or nest environment is for infants from 12 weeks until they are walking, at which point we work with families to gradually transition to our infant environment.

The nido is a loving and peaceful place where infants can explore, grow and feel secure as they move through each new stage of development.  Our environment includes:

  • Age appropriate materials to enhance the child’s language, cognitive and motor skill development.

  • Soft floor mats and bolsters on which infants can move freely and develop gross motor skills.

  • Mirrors positioned close to the floor to stimulate 'tummy time' and self-discovery.

  • Low shelving with materials for fine-motor development and cause/effect, such as puzzles, rings on a post, and containers to open and close.

  • Our sleeping area is a calm and peaceful environment where a designated nap space for each infant ensures quality rest when it is needed.

Freedom to move in an essential developmental component. We encourage infants to learn through their senses by watching their peers and exploring their surroundings. Our infant room is equipped with stands, stairs and bars that can be used for pulling up as well as other active movement opportunities to develop healthy motor skills. 

We recognize the importance of a rich language environment and therefore engage with and respond to the needs of the infant using sign language, verbal language, reading, singing and through use of encouraging and respectful facial expressions.  


Feedings, diaper changes and naps are on-demand according to each infant's individual needs while we are also mindful of the need for a consistent and dependable schedule. We encourage mothers to stop by and breastfeed their infants or drop off expressed milk anytime during the day. 

As teachers, we are trained to observe each infant's developmental progress in order to know what materials and opportunities to offer. Our priority is to nurture every child with affection and respect and  provide a safe and enriching environment that supports optimal brain development.

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