At South Coast Montessori, we believe in fostering the child's love of learning.
We are Santa Barbara’s newest Montessori school for infants through Elementary-aged children. Our beautiful campus in Goleta, California features wonderful indoor and outdoor classroom environments. Our students are encouraged to move freely within the environment, following their own unique interests and curiosity.
Our Mission


South Coast Montessori is dedicated to the principles of AMI (Association Montessori International) created by Maria Montessori to ensure authenticity of the method. Our AMI Montessori environments foster collaboration, community and peace, and provide experiences that promote curiosity, inquiry and engagement. We are dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of each student.

Our Philosophy
At the heart of SCM is our adherence to authentic Montessori methodology as developed by Maria Montessori more than 100 years ago. 

We recognize that childhood is the time when children are exploring the world and gathering impressions that will be the foundation of all later learning. Dr. Montessori observed that young children have very specific needs:

  • The need for an ordered, inspiring and loving environment

  • The need to do things for and by themselves

  • The need for respect as capable, independent workers

  • The need for their intelligence to be honored in the materials they use

  • The need for a purposeful conclusion to their work

  • The need for a group of peers with which they can collaborate and an environment to which they can contribute


Our classrooms are designed to best meet these needs in order to develop the full potential of each and every one of our students.

Our goal is to help children develop:
  • Independence through purposeful work

  • Initiative through intelligent free choice of activity

  • Age-appropriate maturity and the opportunity for leadership in a mixed-age classroom

  • Self-confidence achieved through engaging with challenging activities

  • Self-esteem from being part of a safe and loving atmosphere

  • Social growth through nurturing participation in a dynamic group setting

  • Comprehensive academic skills through carefully guided engagement with Montessori materials


Our teachers strive to provide a supportive and individualized environment where the child is free to develop and learn at their own pace. Our child-centered approach has been proven to create confident, independent children who develop a lifetime love of learning.